Phantom Carriage PhanClub Membership

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Phantom Carriage PhanClub Membership

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We welcome you to join the Phantom Carriage... PHANCLUB.

We are very excited to offer you a clearly very different and more approachable “beer club” membership. This club is not about “ultra-exclusive” releases and bragging rights, but a way support our wicked little nano-brewery while enjoying PhanClub gear and merchandise, year-round discounts and priority access to all of our 2018 limited bottle releases.

In summary… The PhanClub is a fun throwback homage to the “fan clubs” of days past and all the things we love without forgetting the main source that brought us here; experimental, farmhouse-inspired craft beer.
The annual membership is only $75 (per member). There is no deadline on when you can join and you can join at any time. The membership will be good for one year from the date that you sign-up (all 2018 memberships commence January 2nd, 2018. (We are closed NYD.) Please be aware… you must be 21+ years or older to join. No exceptions.



Bottle Shipping Notice: All online discounted BEER shipments require proof that purchaser/designated trustee or individual being delivered to is of age 21 or over. (It’s the law.) Shipping is only available in California due to three-tier regulations. Any bottle orders placed for delivery outside of CA will automatically be canceled and refunded.

Merchandise: All of our phantom carriage merchandise is available to ship to the continental us.

Merchandise shipping charges apply, please allow 2-4 business days for processing. Fulfillments go out weekly, and your merchandise will be shipped via USPS. Depending on your location in the continental US your package should arrive in 2-5 business days. You will receive a shipping confirmation when your order has shipped & tracking information within 24-48 of shipment. Please make sure to look at the product specs and select the correct garment size. All merchandise sales are final.

Phantom Carriage retains, at its sole and unconditional discretion, the right to cancel a membership and refund any prorated portion of the membership for any reason and at any time.

Additional information about our club please e-mail:

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