Phantom Carriage, located in the City of Carson, CA (Los Angeles), is a small-batch craft brewery and eatery specializing in New and Old World beers with a focus on Belgian-inspired, wild, mix-fermentation beers along with a food menu featuring housemade, rustic dishes.  

Phantom Carriage pays homage to classic horror cinema and is named after an obscure 1920s Swedish horror film. The taproom/eatery atmosphere and decor is influenced by ominous castles and brooding cellars and features a small, on-site movie theatre showcasing creepy cinematic classics.


"DRINK-N-PAINT" Making Monsters Vol. 4

What are we drinking? BEER! What are we painting? MONSTERS! Round up your pals because this event is back by popular demand! Taking place on Wednesday, October 24th... $25 will cover your first house beer, your seat, canvas, and paint supplies. Enter your painting for a chance to win a prize! Good food, craft beer, and music for the ultimate painting experience within our spooky taproom!

Buy your tickets now because chances are this event will sell out before the day of. First come, first served! Limited to 40 tickets! While supplies last!

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It's that ghoulish time of year again! "Lugosi" (Vintage 2018) is our long-awaited bottle release that pays homage to the legendary actor Bela Lugosi. Bela Lugosi portrayed Count Dracula in the classic 1931 Universal film... Dracula. Mr. Lugosi also starred in White Zombie, The Bat, Son of Frankenstein and many more timeless classics.

This beer, a 12.2% abv sour quad behemoth, our high gravity dark wild sour ale finely aged in oak with brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus. Featuring high proof high-proof sweet cherry, vanilla, and stone fruit. 12.2% abv.

Our Lugosi bottle release celebration will take place on Friday, October 26th from 3pm-10pm. This day will also feature 70s/80s horror film-inspired music, a vintage horror movie trailer/reel showcase. Limited edition commemorative merchandise, and last but not least, a Bela Lugosi character-inspired costume contest! Additional details on how to enter will soon be announced.

Bottles will be available from our taproom starting at 12pm. Only 5 cases will be available allocated for online sales! Limited to only 100 cases (500mL & hand-waxed) and is being released with the support and collaboration of the Bela Lugosi family! $20 each. Six bottle limit per person.

Online sales will be released the very following day depending on availability and demand.

PhanClub Members: You are all eligible for early pickup. ***Date will soon be announced.***

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