W/ Guest Host... 'Atlas'

- Third Tuesday of every month! 

The New Year is upon us... and our guest horror trivia host "Atlas" has some wicked things in store for y'all.  This month's theme is "dump month" -- the month of the year when studios "dump" their "bad" movies.  Test your knowledge on zombies, cult classics, '80s horror, and more while enjoying themed beer at this night of terrifying trivia. After you've proven you're the ultimate horror fan, stay to watch some brain-eating mayhem in our brewery's theatre. Food + drink specials will be available from our taproom. 

PLEASE NOTE: Limited seating will be available! This event will be first come, first served. A $5 buy-in (CASH ONLY) will be requested to play, so please check-in with our taproom bartender when you arrive (this covers your seat & game prizes). Also... please be sure to arrive on time!