It’s becoming more and more common for craft breweries to take inspiration from the world of horror, which has been a real treat for beer drinkers like myself. From Great Lakes’ Nosferatu Ale to Narragansett’s Lovecraft Honey Ale, horror inspirations abound in the industry, and one craft brewery is now celebrating the genre more than any other.

As we spotted over on The LA Times, beer-makers Martin Svab and Simon Ford just opened up a brewery in Carson, California, dubbing it The Phantom Carriage. The name is derived from a 1921 Swedish horror film, which was remade in 1958.

Perhaps the coolest thing about The Phantom Carriage is that the house brews are all named after classic horror icons, including Peter Cushing and Basil Rathbone. ‘Cushing is a potent golden sour ale that balanced a bracing tartness with a twang of funk,’ writes the site, ‘and Rathbone is a dark sour ale that added some fruitiness and a pleasant burnt-sugar sweetness.’

Oh and did I mention that there’s a horror movie screening room, inside the brewery? Svab is of course a big time horror fan, and he plans on screening his favorite horror films in the room. He will also use the room to conduct beer education classes.

With horror-inspired artwork adorning the walls, The Phantom Carriage opened up for business just a few days ago, and you can head over to the official website to learn more. Be sure to also follow Phantom Carriage on Instagram, to take a peek inside this most awesome brewery.