"IMPERIAL belgian-style STOUT IN OAK"

Release Date: 01/12/16 Status: SOLD OUT

We have been getting some questions requesting more information behind barrel-aged baskerville.  This beer is a one-off imperial belgian-style stout that we fermented with our aggressive farmhouse strain and aged for six months in a fresh dump four roses barrel.  As such, the beer finishes very dry and has a lively effervescence.  Look for notes of roasted malt and baking chocolate with a dry mineral finish.  Vanilla, oak, and a warming heat come out above cellar temperature. [330 ml] 35 cases (420 bottles)

Baskerville - Phantom Carriage


Our lambic-inspired blueberry wild ale

Release Date: 01/24/16 Status: SOLD OUT

A Lambic-Inspired Wild Ale (6.3% abv) finely aged w/ blueberries (330ml) 37 cases (444 bottles)